Pro/Engineer Course Comments

Jeff Carlson, Ph.D. doing business as
PROgressive / Training

Jeff is a very articulate instructor and did an outstanding job of instruction.

Dennis D.

The instructor worked to address specific issues.

Gary W.

Great Instructor-way better than RAND!

Andy M.
Peerless Limited

Jeff was exceptional about answering questions.

Dave W.

Very knowledgeable instructor. Kept interest up.

Gary S.
Sun Microsystems

Instructor has excellent communication skills.

Paul M.

The instructor, Jeff was excellent-my best term to describe him would oddly be "passionate" about Pro/E. He knows not only about Pro/E, but general factory procedures. He is a good speaker, interesting, and a pleasure to work with.

Gene B.
Melgesen Ind.

Jeff you did an outstanding job. You are to be commended for an excellent delivery and execution for so much information discourse in so little time. Thank you.

Kurt Z.
Goulds Pumps

This class was so much better than my prior PTC class, due to the professionalism of the instructor. Very enthusiastic, energetic and focused on subject.

Tim W.

Jeff is excellent instructor-you can tell he is trained!/ knowledgeable in training/speaking techniques.

Bob H.

The instructor! He is thoughtful and very easy to listen to. I would like my next course to be taught by someone of this caliber.

Dan M.

Instructor is excellent: Knowledgeable, Compassionate, Patient, Upbeat. My Compliments.

Joan B.

Jeff's teaching style is pleasant, enjoyable and effective. Thanks! Fun, informative class.

Tom R.
Intel Corporation

Instructor has excellent communication skills.

Paul M.

Jeff has good training skills. He didn’t put me to sleep.

Patrick B.
Hewlett Packard

The course instructor was one of the best CAD instructors that I've had. I've taken SDRC, Autocad 2x, GDS, and ENVISION CAD Courses. Jeff is by far the most effective instructor. Great job, Jeff.

Scott C.
Lockheed Martin

The instructor was the major strength. Information was conveyed in an enjoyable manner. "Keep this guy, He's Real Good".

Anthony D.
Northrop Grumman

Jeff is a very knowledgeable about Pro/E, his presentations are clear and easy to understand.

Craig H.
Toyota Racing Development

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