Pro/Engineer Course Comments

Jeff Carlson, Ph.D. doing business as
PROgressive / Training

I think Jeff was a great instructor and really provided a great educational experience that was challenging, but easy to learn from.

Jeremy Ahrndt

Excellent instructor--well organized, knowledgeable, and great presentation technique.

Mark Lichtwardt

Jeff has an interesting style of teaching.  A mix between a medicine man and a car salesman.  This is NOT a bad thing.

Thom Pifer

Enjoyed Jeff's presentation and his teaching style.  As a result, I learned a great deal.

Tim Koepke

Very good instructor, class structure, and presentation, good crowd control.

Arile Cruz

Instructors use of key words and phrases during lectures was very helpful.

William Fairbroter

Instructor has good presentation technique.

Thang Doan

The instructor was very proficient and clear.

Ken Coblentz

Very enthusiastic instructor.

D.S. Renfro

Jeff has a special ability to teach and he seems to have a talent for teaching.

Sonnys Shahreud

A lot of information, explained very well.   Teacher knows the software extremely well.

Michael Brambila

This was a great learning experience, and Jeff is an excellent instructor.

Jeff Kiessib

Jeff is the best and most up beat trainer I have ever met.

Robert Sommerfildt

Get Jeff back for more classes.

Bill Wandschneider

Jeff's instruction is clear and concise.

Tony Lancaster

Instructor was very good.  High energy, good presenter, and very helpful.

Dan Harvey

The interaction between Jeff and the class was excellent.

Steve Saurber

Jeff was on site early every day and was always available to answer questions.

Dave Hahn

Instructor was very clear with materials and very consistent with conventions, description, wording etc.  Moved material very methodically and was well-paced.

Mike Lontine

Looking back on many classes and seminars over the years, Jeff Carlson is one of the best instructors I've ever had.  He demonstrated excellent presentation and knowledge of his field and enough knowledge of my field to add insight into my problems and questions.  I will be happy if my next instructor is half as good.

Larry Watts

Jeff did a fine job.  The lectures were always very easy to follow and the time passed quickly.

Mark Hinrichs


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