Four Points of Difference

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Consider the following four points to protect your training experience and/or investment:
1.   Effective Communication
Effective communication is the most important aspect of any training program.  Effective communication is both an art and a science.  The skill level of your instructor and his/her ability to communicate effectively will determine the true value, or cost, of your training program.  Dr. Carlson is an experienced educator with over 15 years teaching/training experience. His presentation style is dynamic, motivating, and promotes the problem solving skills of each student.
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2. Articulate Course Materials
The course materials also play an important role in a training program. Quality materials complement the instruction, and serve as a quick reference after the training program. They must contain information useful to the novice, as well as the experienced user.   Dr. Carlson’s original course materials are a clear, concise, and articulate reference.  Each training manual represents much more than a casual introduction of ‘picks and clicks’.  Furthermore, Notes and Summaries review the concept(s) behind each task or exercise. Finally, each exercise has been reviewed many times for philosophical, technical, and grammatical errors. 
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3.   Repeatability/Consistency
The repeatability of a training program is important to promote consistent use of Pro/E or Creo within an organization. An instructor that teaches more than ‘picks and clicks’ will present and emphasize several different strategies or techniques.  Dr. Carlson will adapt his delivery to emphasize the strategies and techniques preferred by your organization.  Furthermore, he will incorporate your modifications into every subsequent training program, thereby promoting consistent use of Creo (Pro/E) within your organization. The most obvious example of consistency, or lack thereof, involves the strategic and effective use of internal and external parent/child relationships.
4.   Software Quirks
Both Pro/E and Creo Parametric have ‘software quirks’ that can confuse a user, and cost him/her many hours of time.  When appropriate, Dr. Carlson will point out these software quirks and offer a viable solution for each problem area.  A software quirk is exposed to avoid the time-consuming process involving technical support.  These software quirks are also documented in the training manual.

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