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Executive Summary

Dr. Jeff Carlson is a self-employed training consultant providing Pro/E instruction and materials for courses in Pro/Engineer since 1999.   He is an experienced professional with 18 years in the teaching of Mechanical Engineering Design at academic and corporate levels.  He is a graduate of  Texas A&M University, Colorado State University, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Jeff is a seasoned teaching professional with a dynamic presentation style that generates enthusiasm and commitment.

Professional Experience

Pro/Engineer Education Specialist
Parametric Technology Corporation
Denver, Colorado
3/97 to 5/99
PTC is one of the world's leading providers of software solutions for mechanical product development and enterprise information management.  As an Education Specialist, Dr. Carlson designed, developed, and delivered courses in Mechanical Engineering to corporations such as John Deere, Harley-Davidson, Mercury Marine, Dell Computer, Whirlpool, as well as local organizations such as Maxtor, Qualcomm, Stanley Aviation, and Lockheed Martin.   Approximately forty hours per week was spent working directly with individuals from these and many other organizations to inspire a problem solving approach to project design and project management.

Typical instruction included 3D parametric surface and solids modeling, assemblies and drawings using Pro/ENGINEER. Dr. Carlson is PTC certified in Introduction to Pro/ENGINEER, Basic Design, Fundamentals of Design, Advanced Part, Advanced Assembly, Top-Down Design, Rev. 20 Update, Advanced Surfacing, Sheet Metal Design, and Mold Design.
Director of Training & Development / Project Manager / Mechanical Engineering Specialist
CAD-PRO Systems Integration
Denver, Colorado
1/95 to 3/97
CAD-PRO Systems Integration is a consulting firm in the field of Engineering Design Graphics delivering quality professional services focused on the specific needs of the customer. This organization provided Jeff with a challenging and varied role which included increased responsibilities to work at both the management and operational levels.  His responsibilities included managing all aspects of the training program which experienced a 35% growth in 1995, and again in 1996, with no increase in operating expenses.

In the area of project management, Jeff has a successful track record involving front-end needs assessment; strategic planning and design; an intervention/implementation which supports organizational change; and finally an evaluation to verify the successful completion of the enterprise-wide initiatives. Additional responsibilities at CAD-PRO included the design, development, and delivery of instructional programs in Mechanical Engineering. Typical course content included 2D/3D design, 3D parametric solids modeling, assemblies, rendering, and animation using such packages as AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and 3D Studio MAX.

CAD Systems Manager
Sink Combs Dethlefs
Denver, Colorado
1/94 to 1/95
Sink Combs Dethlefs is a sports and recreation architectural firm with completed projects such as The San Jose Multipurpose Arena, the CU Folsom Field, and the CSU-Student Recreation Center. As CAD Manager, Dr. Carlson's responsibilities involved the training of project managers, architects, and draftsmen to use the computer as a cost-effective and personal productivity tool in all aspects of their projects. This total quality management system has ensured the success of each project and increased the overall competitiveness of the firm.

Daily responsibilities at Sink Combs Dethlefs included management of the company-wide computer resources which involved multi-platform hardware/software system maintenance, drafting/design software installation and support, CAD file management, and software customization (AutoCAD, MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, Canvas, and AutoLISP). Additional responsibilities included the preparation of proposals and interview materials which resulted in the firm being selected to design a multi-million dollar hockey arena for the Winnipeg Jets.
Graduate Research Associate
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
8/92 to 7/93
During the final year of his doctoral program, Jeff assisted his committee chair, Dr. Daniel Householder in his research to develop graphic symbols to represent existing and emerging technologies. The research and symbols have become part of an International Technological Symbolics Language.
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Design / Technology & Society
Wayne State College
Dept. of Industrial Sciences
Wayne, Nebraska
8/91 to 8/92
Upon completion of the formal course work for his doctoral program, Professor Carlson accepted an interim position teaching undergraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering Design and general education courses in Technology & Society. The courses in Mechanical Engineering Design provided additional post-secondary experience using 2D and 3D computer-based applications. The general education courses in Technology & Society provided a unique opportunity which laid the groundwork for his doctoral research. These challenging and often intimidating courses clearly identified an existing problem of integrating technology and society into post-secondary core courses. This problem was refined and became the topic for his doctoral dissertation.
Project Manager / Graduate Research Associate
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
8/90 to 8/91
Upon entering the doctoral program at Texas A&M University, Jeff Carlson supplemented his formal studies by working for the Instructional Materials Service (IMS).  IMS provides academic materials to secondary educators in Texas. His specific responsibilities involved the conversion of the graphics department, comprised of non-computer users, into a contemporary computer-based program. The technological change involving computer-based graphics was met with overwhelming success. The graphics department quickly adopted image scanning, bitmap/vector editing, and desktop publishing which has dramatically increased production at IMS.
Mechanical Engineering Design Instructor
Department of Industrial Sciences
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado
8/89 to 8/90
While pursuing a masters degree at CSU, Jeff taught undergraduate and graduate level courses to students enrolled in Industrial Sciences and Engineering programs. The courses involved computer-based 2D and 3D mechanical engineering design.


Formal Education

Doctor of Philosophy 1993 Master of Science 1990 Bachelor of Science 1983
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas
Educational Human Resource Dev.
Supporting Field: Engineering Design Graphics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado
Industrial Sciences & Technology Education
Supporting Field: Engineering Design Graphics
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska
Industrial Technology Education

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