Part Modeling Modules

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PROgressive / Training

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Layers at the Part Level (051)

Time: 1.5 hour

Description: After attending a basic course and spending many hours on Pro/E, some users still don't make an effective use of layers.  The ineffective use of layers is due, in part, to the constantly improving but clumsy interface.  In this session, the concept of layers will be re-introduced.  After receiving specific uses for layers, the advantages will clearly overpower the clumsy interface.

Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 40 hours.

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Using Layers to Control Datum Plane Display (053)

Time: 1 hour

Description:  Many users and organizations have expressed concern controlling the display of datum planes at the assembly level.  This module covers a technique to effectively organize, manage and quickly control the display of datum planes found in an assembly.  This technique involves creating a start part that includes default datum planes placed on a layer.

Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 10 hours working at the assembly level.

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Helical Sweep (056)

Time: 45 minutes

Description:  This module will discuss the creation of a Variable Pitch Helical Sweep.

Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 40 hours.