Advanced Part Modules

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bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Pattern Tables (102)

Time: 1 hour

Description:  In this session, many perceived pattern limitations will be overcome by creating a Pattern Table also known as a To Table pattern.   The resulting pattern will have a new level of flexibility.  For example, this session will include specific information to delete selected instances of a pattern.  Moreover, the location of select instances will be modified without moving the location of other instances.  Finally, the Writing and Reading of Pattern Tables will also be discussed.

Prerequisite: Basic Design including a working knowledge of Identical, Varying & General Patterns.

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Swept Blend (105)

Time: 1 hour

Description: A Swept Blend consists of multiple cross sections that are swept along a single trajectory.   It is a unique solution offering functionality not found in a Sweep, Blend, or Variable Section Sweep.  The optional element of tangency gives this feature additional flexibility to create an aesthetically appealing surface.  Due to their similarity, it is not necessary to complete both Module 105 and 155.

Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 40 hours.

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Variable Section Sweep (107)

Time: 1.5 hour

Description: A Variable Section Sweep consists of a single cross section that is swept along multiple trajectories. The cross section will vary as it follows each trajectory. 

A Variable Section Sweep is a versatile and therefore powerful feature.  A savvy user will often include a variable section sweep as a viable solution while brainstorming several possible modeling strategies.  Several solutions to the error message 'could not setup sketching plane' will be covered.  Trajpar and Datum Graphs are not discussed in this session.  Due to their similarity, it is not necessary to complete both Module 107 and 157.

Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 40 hours.

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Local Groups (113)

Time: 1 hour

Description: A Local Group should be considered upon encountering any difficulty with a To Table pattern.  A Local Group is a technique used to collectively manipulate features.  It can offer additional flexibility not found in a standard pattern.

Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 40 hours, and a working knowledge of Patterns.