Sheet Metal Modules

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PROgressive / Training

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Intro to Sheet Metal (326)

Time: 15min to 1.5 hr

Description:  This module provides a broad overview, as well as a few specific tips, to get a user started creating sheet metal walls.  It can be completed with or without exercises.  The instructor will select the curriculum based on the allocated time.

Prerequisite: None

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Tips & Tricks (327)

Time: 30 min to 1.5 hours

Description:  This module reviews the most commonly overlooked aspects of the sheet metal module.  Tips and Tricks are also given in this session.  It is intended for the experienced or self-taught sheet metal user, and not as an introduction to sheet metal.  The instructor will select the curriculum based on your possible suggestions, and the allocated time.  The instructional method for this module is lecture and live demonstration only, with no exercises.  Hence, it is not necessary to have the sheet metal module on any of the student workstations.

Prerequisite: 40 hours in the sheet metal module

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Sheet Metal Design

Time: 30 min to 2 days

Description:  Sheet Metal training is offered as a traditional course or a module.  The traditional two day course is designed for the experienced Pro/Engineer user learning the sheet metal module.  Upon request, selected chapters from this course can be taught as a module with exercises.

Prerequisite: Intro to Basic Design or previous Pro/E experience.  Course Outline