Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer) Large Assembly Management

Jeff Carlson, Ph.D. doing business as
PROgressive / Training

Pro/Engineer, Release Wildfire5, Creo Parametric 1, Creo Parametric 2, Creo Parametric 3, Creo Parametric 4, Creo Parametric 5, or Creo Parametric 6.
Length: 1 day
Prerequisite: Basic Design plus 120 hrs

This course is similar in content to PTC's 'Advanced Assembly Management' also known as 'Managing Assemblies'.

Course Description:  A rather lengthy Open, Repaint, or Regeneration of an assembly has probably brought you to this page.  Some users are looking for that one magical solution to resolve all of their large assembly issues.  Unfortunately, the answer is rarely that simple.  

There are several excellent techniques that can relieve, in part, some of your large assembly headaches.  While the following modules are all large assembly management techniques, it might be unwise to conduct a training program using this exact list.  Alternately, a training program that combines a choice list of large assembly management techniques with other training modules is advised.




The Advanced Assembly Extension is required to complete many of the topics related to Large Assembly Management.


bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Large Assembly Management Techniques
--Assembly Simplified Reps (141)
--Part Simplified Representations (142)
--Envelopes (143)
--Zone Simplified Representations (144)
--Interchange Groups (133)
--Shrinkwrap (235)
--Layouts (240) and Skeletons (241)
Detailed Large Assembly Descriptions


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