Creo Parametric (Pro/Engineer) Update

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Pro/Engineer or Creo Parametric Update
Length: from 1 hour to 1 day
Prerequisite: Working knowledge of a previous release of Creo Parametric.

Did your organization skip a release?
Many organizations skip a release.  For example, an organization might jump, for example,  from Release Creo Parametric 3.0 to Creo Paramtric 5.0, and skip Creo Parametric 4.0.    A Creo Parametric or Pro/E update course offered by Jeff will meet your specific needs (exact release to exact release) highlighting the important changes that affect your users.

Typical Custom Update Course Examples:

  • from Creo Parametric 3.0 to Creo 6.0 for Basic users
  • from Creo Parametric 3.0 to Creo 5.0 for Advanced Users

While designing your Creo Parametric or ProE Update course, Jeff needs to know what areas of Creo/Parametric or Pro/Engineer are important to you.  Typical areas of concern include: Basic, Sheet Metal, Advanced Assembly, Top Down or Advanced Surfacing.

Timing is very important for any Update course.  Following are recommendations:
  • Do make the latest release available to users before its use is required by the organization.
  • Do make the latest release available before the update course.
  • Do the update course before requiring employees to use the new release.
  • Don't send the entry-level user to Basic using the latest release, and have them return to the office and use a different release.
  • Don't send users to a release update forty-five days or more after they have been using it.
  • Don't send users to an update course, and not give them access to the software upon returning to their desk.




Course Description: While the migration to the newest release of Creo Parametric (Pro/E) can be unsettling, the change does not usually warrant an entire multi-day course with detailed step-by-step exercises.  Hence, the Update course may be as short as an hour, or as long as a day.  This training program covers not only 'What's New that's Really Cool', but is also pragmatic and covers 'What's New that'll Goof You Up'.  It is intended to get the team excited about the new release AND avoid the grumbling and related backlash that a design team can experience while migrating to the newest release of Creo Parametric (Pro/E).  The primary purpose of this training program is to maintain productivity levels during the transition from the old release to the new release of Creo Parametric.  Pricing posted on this website may or may not apply to an Update Course depending on other other courses or modules selected by your team to round out the week.

Documentation:  All update courses are lecture/live demonstration with PowerPoint documentation only.  The PowerPoint that the instructor uses in class will be the only documentation.  Since the changes are often simple concepts, there are never step-by-step exercises for the user to complete.  A hands-on training program is recommended, but this training program could be completed in a conference room with no user computers.  If your training room already contains computers, users will be given sample files with vague instructions to get hands-on time using the new release.  Every Pro/E user is encouraged to attend this presentation.


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