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Course Release Days Description
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Intro to Basic Design 5 This rigorous on-site course is designed for the entry-level CreoParametric or ProEngineer user.   It includes concise chapters and real-world exercises.  Prerequisite: None.   Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Adv Part/Adv Assembly 5 Advanced Part / Advanced Assembly is a popular course title that contains a medley of advanced topics related to Advanced Part, Advanced Assembly, Advanced Surfacing, Top-Down, and Large Assembly Management.     Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Sheet Metal Design 2 This on-site course is designed for the experienced Creo or Pro/Engineer user learning the sheet metal module. Prerequisite: Intro to Basic Design or previous Pro/E experience.  Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Top-Down Design 1 This top-down course is designed for the advanced Creo Parametric or Pro/E user.  Due to its importance, External vs. Internal parent/child references are a common theme throughout every module.  Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Large Assembly Management 1 There are several excellent techniques to relieve issues related to large assembly management.  The goal for these modules is to speed the Open, Repaint, and Regeneration time for your large assemblies.  Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Advanced Surfacing 2 This true advanced surfacing course is designed for the advanced CreoParametric or ProEngineer user.  It covers strategies to incorporate surfacing techniques into your solid models.  The creation of quality surfaces is a common theme.  Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Mechanism Design 2 Mechanism Design is a motion simulation program that provides kinematic simulation with connections such as joint, cams and slots.   Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes)Creo Parametric Update 1 hr  An update course to the latest release of Creo Parametric might be anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days in length.   Course Outline
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Other Adv. Training 2-5 All other advanced training programs use a modular approach that allows you to pick and choose the topics of instruction.  Training Modules
  • 8 hours of instruction per day
  • Instructor will adhere to your schedule.

50% less 'investment' than competing training programs

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